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Where it all began
and the journey to follow

Markets 2015

I attended my first handmade market soon after starting Hand Drawn Designs by Michellemdv. I began drawing around 6 months into maternity leave and found it very relaxing.


Big on Shoes Stockiest 2016

Beautiful Melissa and Katie stocked my designs for 4 years. Sadly with the strain of Covid, the Mackay store had to close. Their founding store in Moranbah is thriving and beautiful. I have fond memories of popping in to visit with stock updates and catch ups.


Art on Show 2017 - 2019

3 years in a row I entered pieces at the Mackay show. I loved being apart of the community atmosphere and the opening night was so inspiring. This piece shown here was purchased and went on to be given as an engagement present


Ink art resin earrings

The very first earrings made, are these right here. With inks to create beautiful effects. I am often asked why earrings?... Well, I am a maker and the process during creating to product is my passion! Seeing designs off to their new homes brings so much joy.


First practice sip and paint event 2018

I was asked to create an art event to add to the helloworld Travel agencies, day trip itineraries.

The idea of Sip and Painting was proposed. As an opportunity to practice, it was decided to offer the experience to the helloworld travel Mackay teams. As a fun team building activity, this was such an exciting time.


First Independent Public Workshop 

As I continued to experiment and grow my skills. From lettering came calligraphy. Perfect for adding 'beautiful writing' to  gift cards or invitations to your very own event coming up. 

It was so exciting to be offering handmade events to the Mackay community.


Custom work

From personalised artwork for someone's home, to gifts or event this wedding sign requested by my cousin. It is always an honor to be apart of something so personal.


Fulltime gig 2020

Late January 2020, I felt it was time to wrap up my travel career and continue with my creative passion. I am so very grateful to each and every participant.


Fundraiser event 2019 

An amazing opportunity to help out such a beautiful person for such an important cause, I was asked by Anne to co-host an event to raise funds for breast cancer awareness. The event sold out and the atmosphere was incredible.


Local Business Team Building 2021

Spending time together outside work hours, creates a special environment. I have been honored to host many for the community.

Thank you to Speech Ease for a fun team session, pictured below.


Handmade Earrings

2021 saw the addition of Polymer Clay earrings added to the list of workshops. The various techniques and styles has very much captivated my attention. 


Watch this space!

A massive thank you goes out to each and every participant. I have just passed hosting x50 workshops with just over 900 participants during the last 3 years. x3 online courses with a 4th due to start in November.

Shout out to my assistants, Dot (mum), Karen and Jacqui your help and support behind the scenes and during workshops is much appreciated. -published 28/10/2021

Photo below -taken during Caneland Central Watercolour workshops, 2021. With my display of artwork for inspiration for the participants.

canlands pic_edited.jpg

Mandala artwork 2015

The first style of artwork I began during maternity leave was mandala. I enjoyed creating patterns, sharing my work on Instagram and was contacted to create custom work. 


Watercolour and lettering 2016

As I enjoy experimenting and painting was a favorite activity of mine growing up. I started learning watercolour and then letting. For many years I made handmade cards and artwork, selling them at handmade markets.


Digital Designs and products 2018

In 2018 I purchased an Ipad and it allowed me to create digital artwork, even whilst travelling. I then had a number of designs printed on to products. I had a fun photo shoot done, pictured below are the travel coffee mugs and tote bags.

Photo credit - Ben Dolphin Photography


Commission work

During my travel agent career of 12 years, I was honored to be asked by my employer Annabel at helloworld Travel Mackay, to create a wall of art/inspiration for the lunch room. A total of 12 custom pieces were made, I am still so very proud of this work.


First Public Sip and Paint Event 2018

Within a couple of weeks releasing the first event, a second session was added -Both Sold out. Providing a space to create, with a guided artist, spending the afternoon painting our own masterpieces - was the perfect way to spend an afternoon.


Daily Mercury 2019

I was contacted by the Daily Mercury prior to a Sip and Paint Event, and was thrilled to be asked what makes these events so popular. Frida was such a fabulous subject for the session, the participants were so kind to allow photo's to take place. The article focused on how art is important and enjoyable for our mental health. 


Caneland Central Collaboration 2019

As apart of the Spring campaign for Canelands, I was asked to bring my floral watercolour session to the center. It was an amazing experience!


Online workshops during lockdown 

During a time were uncertainty was high, and we found ourselves at home. I had to pivot my business and offer an online option. I delivered kits, and filmed all my own video's. Knowing I was making a difference and the benefits of creating for mental health, is something I am very passionate about.


Second Caneland Central
Collaboration 2021

Celebrating Mothers' Day 2021. This is the event that began a new chapter for Hand Drawn Designs by Michellemdv, conducted x4 workshops with a total of 120 participants. With the wonderful help of my mum Dot and assistants Karen ( pictured to my left) and Jacqui. Working with fellow Mackay ladies for this event was very special.


Hen's night Sip and Paint fun 2021

The most epic private event. Bride to be Annie contact me to host her hen's night, she wanted something different. So we painted naked men, and it was a classy affair. High heels and cocktails at the Dispensary Mackay.


Various Creative Workshops

Sharing positivity through various workshops in Mackay, Queensland. Est 2018, Sip and Paint's, Watercolour, Calligraphy, Ink Art, Embroidery, Resin Art, Polymer Clay

Creating a space to relax and unwind, try something new and enjoy the benefits that art brings to our well being.

Pictured below - Ink art workshop in session

Photo credit -Keiron Place Photography

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