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About The Artist

Hi I 'am Michelle, the artist and creator behind The Creative Art Studio.

I've always had a love for creating from a young age, thriving in high school arts - I began to revisit making art whilst on maternity leave in 2015. Through my love for learning a variety of mediums, techniques and experimenting, I launched Hand Drawn Designs by Michellemdv offering custom mandala, watercolour and modern calligraphy quote art.


I have felt great enjoyment sharing my process and passion for creativity, early 2018 I began to teach sessions to others wanting to learn. Over the past 5 years, I have held over 100 workshops and taught over 1500participants throughout the Mackay community. 

I pride myself on conducting a professional experience for participants to enjoy. A big believer in trying new things, and the mindfulness that art brings. Art is fun and so important for our mental health.

My goal is to inspire and help unlock creativity. I believe that everyone can tap into their creative abilities, you just have to show up and practice.


Through my sessions, I have seen the joy and happiness participants experience. It makes me so happy to bring a group of like-minded people together. Being immersed in a fun activity, using our imagination. Creating together is the perfect way to connect and have fun along the way.

Thank you to the Mackay community for your ongoing support, and I look forward to seeing you at a workshop soon.


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